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Turkey Visa Requirements

                                               Checklist for Turkish Visa
                                                      Tourism Purpose
Main Documents

Visa Application form duly filled (, submitted on the online system , printed and signed by the applicant. (CNIC number,father and mother names, complete residential and host (if applicable) addresses are must).

Two(2) recent colored biometric photographs (White Background - 5x5cm) (Visa form should have the same photo)

Visa Interview Form (Given by Anatolia Visa Application Centre)

Request Letter (Cover Letter) signed by Applicant

Passport/Travel Document valid for at least 6 months along with copies of the recent and old passports (If lost, Attested Police Report and it’s English Translation)

Travel health insurance certificate-coverage of Euro 30,000 / US Dollars 50,000 and period of stay in Trukey and the repatriation costs as well

Polio vaccination certificate from the Government Hospitals or authorized laboratories (The validity of the vaccination swhould cover the travel period and the vaccination ‘s date should not be more than one year old)

Copy of the flight reservation / booking. Travel gape must be 15 days for ISB & LHE and 17 days for KHI from the date of submission at the Visa Application Centre.

Copy of the hotel reservation (Reservation only) or invitation letter which mentions accommodation details if applicable

Updated Family Registration Certificate (FRC) or marriage registration certificate (MRC) (if newly married) from NADRA office (also applicable for individual

In case applicant is owner of a business, a statement on a company letterhead about purpose of the visit. If applicant is a freelancere, contract signed by company
and himself/herself.

In case applicant is an employee, a statement from Employer mentioning title, salary, duration of the employment and purpose of the visit on a company letterhead along with last 3 months salary slips

İn case applicant has a sponsor, affidavit letter from sponsor on a stamp paper for the covering of the expenses along with the proof of income (like business letter, NTN, Bank Statement, Salary , duration of the employment etc)

FBR / NTN / Income / Active Tax Payer Certificate(s) for individual and company which are recently taken from the relevant Tax Offices

Bank account maintenance certificates for personal and company accounts along with original bank statements of the last three (3) months. They all should by signed and stamped and not old than 7 days.

                                                             Business purpose
An Invitation letter from the Turkish company / organization / person with details of the applicant(s)
Recommendation Letter from related Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Membership Certificate of the related Chamber of Commerce and Industry

                                                             Conference purpose
Invitation letter for the Conference/Seminar/Meeting Committee by the Organizing authority from Turkey.
HEC Grant Letter for sponsorship if applicable

                                                              Work Purpose
Employment Contract which contains employment duration and title clearly.
Request letter along with the title of the Employee by the Employer Company from Turkey
Valid Police Character Certificate which is attested by the MoFA, Pakistan

                                                             Free Umrah Transit
Valid Umrah Visa
Purchased return Air Ticket only from TRUKISH AIRLINE

                                                              Transit purpose
Final Destination Country valid Visa/Residence Permit
Purchased Air Ticket

                                                              Study Purpose
Acceptance Letter by the University / School / Institute from Turkey
Sponsorship letter on a stamp paper about coverage of all expenses

                                                            Sportive Purpose
Invitation Letter by the Event Organization Committee / relevant Federation from Turkey
NOC from Pakistan Sports Board

                                                              Medical Purpose
Hospital acceptance letter along with total amount of the medical treatment from Turkey

Bank SWIFT paper copy which shows the 50% of the amount had been transferred to Hospital for medical treatment

Official document issued by the health institution certifying the necessity of the treatment

                                                           Conditional Documents
Affidavit Letter from sponsor on a stamp paper for the covering of the expenses

Consent letter of the parents on a stamp paper and attested by the Notary Public for kids less than 18 years old. Death Certificate from Union Council, If one of parents was died. For seperated parents, travel permission custody papers from court and notarized affidavit.

Bonafide letter for the students' from their Schools / Colleges / Institutes / Universities

Professional Qualification Certificate (PMDC, Engineering Council/Bar Associate Letters, etc.) / Skill Certificates if applicable

Ex-Pakistan Leave Paper or NOC for Government Officers

Valid E-Visa copy / copies of the accompanies if travel together